What is Black Out Effectors

Black Out Effectors is a boutique guitar effects pedal manufacturer. Black Out Effectors started in 2008 in Vancouver, British Columbia, and in 2009 relocated to Asheville, North Carolina. The pedal catalog includes fuzz, overdrive, reverb, phaser, etc. All pedals are hand-crafted and very high-quality products, with a distinctive sound and cool design.

The list of artists who have used Black Out Effectors includes Robin Finck (NIN, GnR), Band Of Horses, Baroness, Buddy Miller, Paramore, Black Tusk, Animal Collective, Earthless, Kylesa, Wilco, The Black Angels, Pontiak, Steve Von Till (Neurosis) and others.

As players, pedals nerds, and Black Out Effectors fans we try to maintain the website for fans and for those who want to taste its sound. On this website, you can find information about the features and specifications of pedals here. Also, check out the list of shops where you can find Black Out Effectors pedals, new or used, and try it yourself. For guitar pedal reviews by other popular brands click here.

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