Little sister to the larger and more complex Whetstone Analog Phaser, the Sibling uses the same magical Operational Transconductance Amplifier (OTA) to create a modulated signal. It is a stripped-down 3-stage phaser (the only 3-stage phaser on the market) with 3 simple controls that make it a less complicated affair compared to the Whetstone.

A 2-way toggle gives you a range of slow or quick phaser cycles, which you can then fine-tune to your needs with the Rate control for near glacially slow speeds to the severely fast wobbly effects that bust through into ring modulator territory. The Depth control works as a dry/wet mixer for the full range of effect from subtle to forceful, while the Level control adjusts your output voltage to your creative demands. The Sibling is wired for true bypass and operates only on 9vDC or 18vDC for greater headroom and definition.


  • Analog OTA (Operational Transconductance Amplifier) Operation for dat vintage phaser grit-n-grind
  • 2-Way Slow/Fast Mode Toggle
  • More of a small real estate, set-n-forget effect compared to the highly tweakable and larger footprint Whetstone Phaser
  • Phasers rule


  • 9V-18V operation. Negative center supply with 2.1mm plug required; top-mounted.
  • Mono input/output jacks; side-mounted.
  • Rate, Depth, Level controls
  • 200 mA current draw
  • Made by hand in Asheville, NC USA
  • True bypass switching