One of our all-time bestsellers, the Twosome Dual Fuzz is a meaty fuzz sandwich made up of our Musket Fuzz and Fix’d Fuzz Deluxe pedals. Both circuits run independently in an A/B configuration allowing you to dial in your perfect fuzz/overdrive/boost tone on each and then switch back and forth between them. You won’t find more dirt under one roof – unless you live in a mud hut.


  • 2 killer classic Blackout fuzz circuits in one box
  • A/B operation ideal for setting up two distinct tones to flip between, for example, verse/chorus
  • Stock Twosome version is the only version with A/B switching, unlike the VST-modded Twosome and the actual VSTs, SSTs, and STDs.


  • 9V operation. Negative center supply with 2.1mm plug required; top-mounted.
  • A/B (or F/M) switching between circuits with the right footswitch.
  • Mono input/output jacks; side-mounted.
  • Fix’d Fuzz Deluxe side: Boost, Tone, Volume, Fuzz 1, and Fuzz 2 controls; plus corresponding toggles.
  • Musket side: Pre, Mids, Focus, Fuzz, Tone, Volume controls
  • 50 mA current draw
  • Made by hand in Asheville, NC USA
  • True bypass switching